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Key to a successful disciplinary process is most often the quality of the initial factual investigation that comes before disciplinary action. A thorough investigation and comprehensive report will help support any disciplinary action you may need to take. 

An experienced, reputable independent specialist investigator is the ideal choice if you want to ensure that a procedurally fair and thorough workplace investigation is carried out. 

That’s why we recommend Synergy Workplace Investigations; a trans-Tasman consultancy established in 2011, specialising in code of conduct complaints, in particular workplace bullying and sexual harassment matters. 

The multidisciplinary team at Synergy have decades of combined experience conducting workplace investigations at all levels of complexity, within a wide range of workplace settings from community service organisations to major manufacturing, banking and insurance. 

We demonstrate value through utmost confidentiality, a meticulous, best practice approach, personalised customer service 7 days a week and passion for achieving affective outcomes that contribute to restoring harmony in the workplace – Glen Thomasen – CEO, Synergy Workplace Investigations.

A collaborative approach to workplace investigations

Synergy’s highly experienced investigators work closely with Buckett Law, HR consultants and mediators to provide a holistic approach to restoring harmony in your workplace. 

Low impact methodology    

Synergy understands that formal investigations can be stressful and disruptive to a workplace. That’s why they strive to ensure the impact on affected teams is minimal and that they are an agent of positive change, wherever possible. During and after the investigation, Synergy can provide tried and tested advice in relation to managing the parties to a complaint to ensure the impact of the investigation is minimised.

Exceptional People

Synergy’s exceptional reputation within the investigative services industry results in regular expressions of interest from highly qualified and experienced practitioners who want to be a part of an exceptional team.  

All of Synergy’s high performing professionals have been selected for their experience and impeccable credentials. All are subject to strict probity checking such as criminal record checks. 

Quality Assurance 

All of Synergy’s investigations are conducted in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, The Employment Relations Act 2000, The Human Rights Act 1993, and Risk Management Standard AS/NZISO 31000:2009. All of Synergy’s investigations are focused on ensuring procedural fairness and the principals of natural justice are upheld. 

Synergy adheres, as far as practicable, to ISO:9000 Quality Management Standard. All workplace investigations are conducted in accordance with strict methodology based on government investigation Standards. All investigations are overseen by the owners of the business and quality assured. 


Synergy is committed to promptly starting and progressing your investigation to ensure the parties are not unreasonably impacted. 

Recognised expertise

The Synergy team has carried out misconduct investigations across a wide range of not-for-profit organisations such as youth support, domestic violence support, disability support, aged care and animal welfare. Synergy also has extensive experience in industries from local government, health care and education to major manufacturing, banking and insurance. Synergy is experienced in dealing with complaints, of varying levels of complexity, across a wide range of employment categories.

Superior Communication protocols

Synergy will provide weekly activity logs to allow tracking of investigation progress and hours, to ensure that there are no surprises at the conclusion of the investigation when it comes to cost. We also conduct regular verbal briefings and email updates to keep our clients across the progress of the investigation. 

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