Fair Pay for Fair Work

June 13th, 2022 - Barbara Buckett

It is important to not only comply with the law but be beyond reproach.

Make your business employment law clean – failure to follow employment law can bring public denigration.
As the full negative consequences of a recent employment court decision bites with major business partners disassociating themselves from Gloriavale due to public outing of bad employment practices, it is timely for other businesses to take stock of its own employment practices.
Last week, World Vision sponsored a webinar calling for mandatory reporting and a public register to record companies and financial penalties for those who fail to comply with modern slavery law.
Clear messages are being sent that being caught out for breaches of employment law may be brand and business destructive.
Proceedings in the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court are public.
Failure to pay the correct wages and provide the correct holiday s and breaks will risk the attraction of the labour inspectorate and catch public ire.
Personal grievances for unjust dismissal or unjust treatment will potentially publicly expose underlying systemic dysfunctionality that may affect recruitment and destabilise existing employment infrastructure and productivity.
 It is important to not only comply with the law but be beyond reproach.  Ethical businesses attract business and quality employees. Reputation is hard won but easily lost.
The current employment law is about fairness, responsiveness, and good faith. 
Terms and conditions of employment should be a priority and equitable. Fair pay for fair work. 
The law is there as a commonsense guideline it is not a maximum. 

Do not cut corners. Getting it right is important.

Treating your employees fairly brings rewards.  Being an ethical business is the way of the future. Being employment clean is important.Gloriavale although an extreme is a salutary lesson for all businesses. 

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Barbara Buckett

Barbara Buckett is a highly experienced senior employment lawyer with over 35 years of practice in New Zealand. She provides expert advice on all areas of employment law and has a proven track record of delivering excellent results for clients. Barbara has extensive experience in resolving workplace issues and is an experienced litigator. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, working out, and fine wine and dining with friends.

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