Lawyers, More Trustworthy than Sex Workers

February 5th, 2014 - Barbara Buckett

Lawyers.. More Trustworthy than Sex Workers, Taxi Drivers and Door-to-Door Sales People

The results are out…and shock horror; legal eagles aren’t top of the trusted tables in New Zealand. That said, we must be doing something right as we have soared our way from a dodgy 36th to a (slightly) more respectable 28th in the 2012 New Zealand’s Most Trusted Professions list.

For the past eight years fire-fighters (surely in no way assisted by the New Zealand female’s fire-fighter fantasy..)have dominated the poll. We Kiwis clearly appreciate those who save, or risk,life and limb with the top six professions being fire-fighters, paramedics,rescue volunteers, nurses, pilots and doctors . Sadly, lawyers don’t fare so well. While we have pipped sex workers, CEOs and journos at the post, we slide into a pretty shady position of 28th of 40. Better than 36, yes.. but still not great.

There is some stiff competition.. Richie McCaw won us the Rugby World Cup earning him the number one spot in the Most Trusted People category. Alison Holst has baked her way into our hearts at number two and Mad Butcher Peter Leitch at three shows our love for a good ol’straight-talking sausage tycoon. Also notable is Corporal Willie Apiata who comes in fifth. Although today it was announced the ‘reluctant hero’ is leaving the SAS, we trust him because 1. We hate tall poppies, so we like his reluctance and 2. In a war Willie would have our back. It’s always nice to have a living VC holder on your team. The only legal eagle to make it into the top 100 this year was Chief Justice Sian Elias at number 24.

Reader’s Digest Trust Poll 2012 Professions

1. Fire-fighters

2. Paramedics

3. Rescue volunteers

4. Nurses

5. Pilots

6. Doctors

7. Pharmacists

8. Veterinarians

9. Armed forces

10. Police

11. Teachers

12. Scientists

13. Childcare workers


15. Dentists

16. Bus/train/tramdrivers

17. Chefs

18. Hairdressers

19. Builders

20. Plumbers

21. Mechanics

22. Truck drivers

23. Waiters

24. Shop assistants

25. Accountants

26. Bankers

27. Charity collectors

28. Lawyers

29. Religious ministers

30. Taxi drivers

31. Financial planners

32. Call centreoperators

33. Chief executiveofficers

34. Journalists

35. Real estate agents

36. Insurancesalespeople

37. Sex workers

38. Car salespeople

39. Door-to-doorsalespeople

40. Telemarketers


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Barbara Buckett

Barbara Buckett is a highly experienced senior employment lawyer with over 35 years of practice in New Zealand. She provides expert advice on all areas of employment law and has a proven track record of delivering excellent results for clients. Barbara has extensive experience in resolving workplace issues and is an experienced litigator. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, working out, and fine wine and dining with friends.

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